Marco Rubio. Demand for Resignation due to Promotion of Violence

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On February 24th 2019, Senator Marco Rubio tweeted a violent image of the former leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, in clear reference to Venezuela's current president, Nicolas Maduro.

Image linked here:

Twitter post here (Archive date Feb 24th):

This image represents the murder of Gaddafi after a US backed coup d'etat in 2011.

While the debate regarding the moral nature of any leader of any country is a viable one, for a US Senator to promote or imply violence against another country's head of state is unacceptable.

Over the past few years, some members of Congress have been forced to resign for various reasons of far less concern.

And yet, here we have a Senator effectively condoning murder on his personal outreach media. 

Senator Marco Rubio needs to resign now and Congress should see to it that he does.