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Make non-binding resolutions illegal

The U.S. Congress just wasted taxpayer funds and precious time passing the non-binding resolution to keep "In God We Trust" as the national motto, having done the same only five years ago. Ignoring the need to deal with our horrible economy and the lives being destroyed by increasing poverty, both taxpayer dollars and precious time were wasted on this, a document that carries no weight, means nothing, makes no jobs, and helps no one. Other non-binding resolutions are equally qualified as "waste, fraud, and abuse", though the Office of Inspector General doesn't seem interested. They waste taxpayer dollars and Congress' preciously limited time (though they find plenty of time for fundraising, too, while avoiding jobs bills and economic recovery action). They assert some belief for the sake of election votes while providing no objective way to prove such potentially fraudulent beliefs. And, they abuse the taxpayers who are mandated by law to pay for such excesses. This needs to stop.

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