Lobby US Congress to Properly Investigate the MJ 12 papers.

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Marc Coppell
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For many years there has been much debate about the legitimacy of what are collectively known as the "MJ 12 documents." Investigations by the FBI and the US AFOSI were at best, circumscribed, and excluded congress. 

The public want to know whether these documents are legitimate, if they contain classified information and who released them. The sum total, of the investigations was a claim that the papers were "bogus" and consequently, this is the exact word that was transcribed on the documents without disclosing any facts about the investigation. If indeed the documents are bogus, then there should be no concern involving a breach of national security.

In light of the recent congressional investigations into the USS Nimitz and Roosevelt's  UFO footage subsequently named "Tic Tac", "Go Fast" and "Gimbal," and with the recent death of a prominent UFO investigator Stanton Friedman, who worked tirelessly to investigate the matter, the public is now demanding to know the truth behind the MJ12 documents with a full congressional inquiry.