Lift sanctions and end sieges that are causing children to suffer

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Lora Lucero
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Fast Against Sanctions and Sieges:

I began my fast -- Fast Against Sanctions and Sieges (FASS) -- on June 16, 2019. I am fasting because American imposed sanctions, and American condoning of sieges, result in children lacking the nutrition they need for the development of their minds and bodies.

Many people do not realize that sanctions are acts of war. They are economic warfare. The US is engaging in illegal wars against several countries, including Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Gaza and Yemen, strangling their economies in order to weaken their government. Children and babies are suffering and starving as a result of these US sanctions and other acts of war.

I have received hundreds of emails, phone calls and Facebook messages, almost half of which are from folks who are joining me in the fast. Messages have come from Iowa, Florida, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Ireland, China and Spain. The most touching messages came from two South Koreans who thanked me for working to lift the sanctions from North Korea.

Most Americans are gentle and compassionate. We don’t tolerate cruelty to animals or to people. When we hear of cruelty to animals or people, we take action. It is my belief that if most people were aware of the cruelty that is being perpetrated on these children (the children of Yemen, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Gaza, Haiti), it would not be tolerated. I was very gratified by one of the emails I received from a person I don’t know named Judy Warnock:
“Your fast has come to my attention, and I want to let you know that it has made a difference to me. I guess I had not thought about all the children in the context that you are, but you have definitely made this come to light for me. Thank you for your dedication to an important cause.”

This is a step toward the goal of FASS: to bring to the awareness of Americans the tragedy that perpetrated in their name. When enough people become aware of the atrocities that are occurring, we will no longer tolerate them.

I would like to thank my friends who have helped to spread the word about FASS, and a number of organizations, including but not limited to, Veterans for Peace, Raging Grannies, Progressive Democrats of America and Stop the War Machine.
I urge everyone to call on their congresspeople to lift the sanctions and end the sieges.

I invite everyone to join me by fasting in whatever manner you consider appropriate for you. This might be a total fast, or fasting from one meal a day, or just skipping one meal. In this way we can empathize and experience to some degree the suffering of the children who are starving. When you sign my petition, please let me know in the comment section if you are joining the fast.

Lift the sanctions! End the sieges!

Sally Alice Thompson, age 95