Get EPA Head Scott Pruitt fired!

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Environmental Protection Agency Director Scott Pruitt has tearing apart our country’s environmental protections and has been involved in countless ethics scandals since he was appointed by President Trump. We shouldn’t be paying for his illegal and unethical actions with our tax money or our planet – it’s time to fire Pruitt.

Sign my petition to demand that the House Ethics Committee remove Pruitt from office.

I’ve worked in countries which struggle with corruption, and i know that accepting behavior like Pruitt’s is a slippery slope. As a former federal worker (at the US Agency for International Development), I had to take countless ethics trainings, fly coach even when traveling across the world, and heard regularly that the consequences of spending unauthorized funds or misrepresenting charges on an expense report were dismissal or even jail time.

Yet Pruitt has been caught flying first class (not allowed for government workers), receiving reduced rent from an energy lobbyist, and purchasing expensive office equipment (a $43,000 soundproof telephone booth) – an expense not approved by Congress. Why does he need a sound-proof telephone booth? What is he hiding from his staff and the American people? Mr. Pruitt has a 24-hour security detail (which is highly unusual for a Cabinet member) which has already cost the taxpayers $3 million in salaries and overtime.

Not to mention the fact that Pruitt is in the pocket of business and has been selling our planet off to the highest bidder. Under Pruitt, the EPA has been actively dismantling hard-won environmental protections, putting our health, the planet, and our children’s future in danger.

If you care about preserving our democracy and our planet, please join me in sending the message: Pruitt needs to go.