Facebook Stop Technological Racism

Facebook Stop Technological Racism

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United States of Africa started this petition to Donald J. Trump (President) and

United States of Africa demands an end to Technological Racism in Facebook:

We call upon the US Congress to investigate Facebook biased Algorithims and hold Mark Zuckerberg Accountable.


We are protesting  against unfair and discriminatory practices by Facebook when it comes to content advocating for Pan Africanism or Racial Justice.

Pictures depicting slavery and African cultural dress are flagged for nudity.

Old images of African History flagged as spam or nudity.

Posts that generate high engagement deleted from the page with no option to appeal.

Ask for Review Button removed from my personal Account on Facebook

This means that biased actions by Facebook Algorithims go unchecked

Facebook Online Prisons are just like offline jails: Censorship tools are being used to silence activists and remove philosophical content.

Facebook doesn't allow people to express themselves freely and think independently because they police information.

Appeals against unjust decisions taken by Facebook are never reviewed and these biased decisions by its Algorithims are never overturned even if Facebook admits it was wrong.

There is no independent team outside Facebook to handle the Appeals against discriminatory actions on pages on accounts.

This compromises the independence of Facebook to make decisions.

In the last two years Facebook has intensified its war on free speech and those who fight for Racial Justice.

Here is evidence of how Facebook is undermining civil rights movements:

Facebook threatens to Unpublish United States of Africa Page with over 273k followers

When I started United States of Africa page posts engagement could in many instances surpass page likes but this changed suddenly.

United States of Africa page has been unpublished twice without any justification.

In the recent times over hundred posts that had high engagement were falsely flagged as spam and deleted from our page.

In spite of having over 271,000 followers posts reach is extremely low and live video broadcast doesn't attract even a hundred people.

This is not by accident its by design as metrics been set to go negative and at the same time Facebook has reduced posts distribution and removed so many followers under unclear circumstances.

I personally been removed as a follower to my own page on several occasions and my settings to see first changed by Facebook.

Nowadays I have been posting stories regardless how interesting they are there is no engagement like it used to be because of imposition of a new regime of censorship.

The idea behind suppressing organic traffic is to force pages to sponsor ads so that Facebook can make more profits at the expense of creators who are denied substantial organic engagement for huge following they have  already created.

For example I have over 271,000 followers who at any instance all never get the posts I publish though they follow the page.

At the same time over 99.9% never get the live video broadcast notifications so as a result of that my broadcasts have very low engagement.

United States of Africa had a hundred times more engagement when it had 50k followers in  2018 than today when it has five times more following.

I have been posting articles and stories to groups but no one sees the information except me. This includes groups that I own. This basically reduces group engagement to zero.

I have been studying the screenshots of purported community standards violations and came to an understanding that I have been fighting a war against well organized technological racism designed to keep black voices at the bottom of the information ladder.


Please support this petition and let us fight for Racial Justice in Social Media.

Black Voices Matter

Black Voices Count!

Here is an article based on my personal experience.

Black Voices Matter: Facebook is suppressing Black Voices https://www.gpanreunification.org/black-voices-matter-facebook-is-suppressing-black-voices/

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!