COVID-19: Do Not Re-Open US Schools/Universities

COVID-19: Do Not Re-Open US Schools/Universities

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US schools cannot be allowed to reconvene in the current circumstances. This is not a political issue. It is not an issue for debate. It is the simple physical protection of our youth and the most vulnerable of our families and communities.

One of the earliest cases to die of COVID-19 was a 14-year-old boy. His youth was not immunity, and multiple medical organizations have been clear how arduous the disease can be on a growing body ( Like polio, we will undoubtedly be seeing the physical repercussions of this pandemic among a generation; but, unlike polio, we have the knowledge and opportunity to limit contact factors and further spread among our children now!

We do not need to bury or scar our children needlessly. The data has already been provided and proofed among other nations as well as in our own hospitals. The United States is not presently equipped to return to school, especially when its president is attempting to use funding as blackmail rather than focusing on financing safety measures!

If mask protocols can be consistently implemented, if school days can be significantly shortened and class sizes significantly pared down—as with successful measures in the commercial sector—then there may be some viability for a return to school ( However, with new case numbers persistently rising, this is an untenable gamble overall. But, if it's a gamble someone feels is worth the risk, then let those who choose to make it play their stakes first.

To the governors: Unless you, yourself, are prepared to walk your own child or grandchild into school and spend an entire day in the confines of their classroom with them and their classmates, DO NOT REOPEN SCHOOLS. To the citizens: If your politicians are not willing and dedicated to making this simple commitment, you know all you need to know. Any politician who will sacrifice your child for appearances, but not their own, deserves neither your support nor your vote.

The American People refuse to sacrifice their children to satisfy political vanity or compensate for federal incompetence.


While physical re-opening should be delayed until safe protocols are firmly established, we do promote distance and virtual learning. We strongly support any state-wide measures taken to prepare for and implement a distance/virtual learning semester. We also support continued meal services provided for students of low-income families. Thank you to every school that considers the needs of ALL their students.