Congress, block judges' self-given right to act from the bench "maliciously and corruptly"

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In Pierson v. Ray, judges gave themselves the right to act from the bench "maliciously and corruptly."

This right allows them to replace in their decisions parties' argument with the bogus argument of judges' own concoction, pulled out of thin air so as to decide cases the way they want to, not the way they have to.

Impartiality demanded by "due process of the law" thus thrown to the winds, judges become parties to the very case argued before them -- without a need to recuse themselves.

Journalists refuse to investigate and report this outrage -- it is left for organizations like Coalition Against Judicial Fraud ( or Judicial Discipline Reform ( to fight "corrupt and malicious" judges.

We need US Congress to abolish the bizarre "right" that makes the full third of US government -- its judiciary -- officially and proudly "corrupt and malicious" and renders judging arbitrary, making judges unaccountable since "judicial misconduct" does not cover arbitrary judging, but only drunkenness, drug use and the like -- so judges easily get off the hook. For more info, please read or visit