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Stop the Sequester

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The fact that your hatred and selfishness has gotten in the way of doing what's right for the people is shameful! You are willing to allow cutbacks that are not only unfair, but harmful to not only our safety, but our welfare as well.

Answer this, are you willing to give up your pay or take an extended furlough? Why not take a 30% pay cut? Are you really doing the job that "we the people hired you for?" Let me answer the question for you. I do not believe you care anything about the poor and middle class! Remember, we are the majority of the votes!

You have consistently forgotten what you were actually hired for. The games need to stop; you cannot hold our "Country" hostage. You look like a bunch of children! Is this what you want the next generation to act like? You should be setting the example for our future leaders.

I for one have had it with the negativity, racial rhetoric, and just plain childishness. The Superpacs, Tea Party and whatever other special-interest groups that are yanking your chains need to be told to stay out of the nation's affairs.

You want budget cuts? Here are a few suggestions:

Give up 30% of your salaries
Give up 20% of your pensions
Give up your free medical

What's that not realistic? But you think it's realistic to cut funding for programs that the people need. They are the ones who will suffer the most? Oh, forgot to mention, "no work, no pay." Where else can you get paid a full-time salary, for only working 180 days. Maybe, "we the little people," should run for Congress and the Senate. You guys can't seem to do a proper job.

You are ruining our "country." You cannot continue to expect us to fund a government, that refuses to work together or do what's right for the people.

Regardless of what side of the aisle you vote on, we did not ask you to go and take what is needed by all. Do you honestly think that only Democrats receive aid? Well think again, I'm willing to bet that your Republican constituents are going to be hurt as well. I wonder if they are wishing that they can recall their votes.

Remember, you are elected officials and "we the people can and will vote you out."


Kimberly A Dowdell

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