Catholic Church Clean-up by Penance (CCCBP)

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WHEREAS the Catholic Church after all these years it still riddled with sexual improprieties, cover-ups and other criminal activities not only at the priest level but also at the bishop level and higher; that bishops/cardinals have failed to take the proper steps to rid the Church of sex scandals; that some bishops/cardinals have made payments to silence victims; that some bishops/cardinals have allowed cover-ups of sex scandals; that some bishops/cardinals have allowed for the continuation of abuse of victims; that some bishops/cardinals are supporting inappropriate lifes tyles (Catechism 2357) through awards and other actions; and that some bishops/cardinals have failed to control dissenting priests that agree with inappropriate lifestyles (Catechism 2357); 

 WE, the laity of the Church, who love our Mother Church and are appalled at the continued scandals that rock its very foundations, propose the following:

 That the bishops/cardinals have the Pope appoint a lay prosecutor(s) with coercive power to compel the production of evidence and testimony in regards to any sexual misconduct, abuse, support of inappropriate lifestyles, or any criminal activities within all levels of the Church;
That a financial audit be undertaken of all dioceses to determine the inappropriate use of funds including funds for any sexual misconduct;
That a comprehensive report be made public which includes a list of all persons involved in regards to any sexual improprieties, cover-ups or other criminal activities;
That all persons of the clergy involved in any sexual improprieties, cover-ups or other criminal activities are to be laicized;
That all clergy practicing inappropriate lifestyles or seminarians to be ordained practicing inappropriate lifestyles are to be laicized;
That all seminarians identifying with any part of inappropriate lifestyles are to be blocked from entering the clergy;
That all persons of the clergy involved in any abuse, cover-up or criminal activities be turned over to the local authorities for prosecution; and
That all persons of the clergy supporting inappropriate lifes tyles are to be laicized.

 Until all of these proposals are met, we, the laity of the Church, are temporarily withholding all donations/funds at the parish level. It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but the laity also has a responsibility to correct errors in the Church according to Canon Law 212(3). With all due respect, the public response from the Bishops, with one exception, and the Pope have been woefully inadequate and will result in just more of the same. Looking at it from another perspective, it is impossible to do any evangelization for the Church under the current circumstances.  We understand that this is an enormous task that will take time, but this has to be resolved and resolved quickly for the sake of many souls.

We continue to pray for our clergy. 

God Bless our Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons and Seminarians.