Withdraw US troops from Iraq.

Withdraw US troops from Iraq.

January 7, 2020
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Started by rylan peery

Iraq’s parliament passed a resolution calling for the removal of American forces and other foreign troops in the wake of a U.S. airstrike that killed Iran’s top general, Qasem Soleimani.  

Let's honor their request and bring our troops home. 

US government officials function as representatives of the people.  They are obligated to serve the will of the majority.   With this petition we establish a majority opinion for our representatives to listen to and respect. 

We, the freedom loving US citizens of America, respect the sovereign wishes of the Iraq parliament and request our president and elected leaders to


We see no need for our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, to be put in harms way.  Nor do we seek conflict with the people of other cultures and other religions. 

America's freedom was won centuries ago on the backs of a 'stronger together' multi-racial effort of immigrants and hard scrabble humans seeking a better life for all.  When we broke from our values of liberty and justice over the subsequent years, we caused pain and suffering to heal.   When we gave and suffered with a generous and kind spirit, our nation prospered.

Our greatest shared American cultural asset are these shared values of sacrifice for freedom, liberty, equality and justice.  These values are now at risk with the escalation of violence in Iraq. 

While there is a time and place to stand up to atrocity, to defend against genocide, to stand for freedom; this is not the righteous stand we are now taking.   Without a strong moral and ethical foundation upon which to stand, our beloved troops do not belong in Iraq. 


What is more, the United States has spent $6.4 Trillion on Post-9/11 Wars and obligations through 2020.  We imagine brighter future, where we deploy $6.4 Trillion at home to invest in our communities, education, new industries, health, and well-being.  

In this spirit we further ask our elected officials to reallocate the billions of dollars we are spending each year on middle east military bases, weapons, and troop deployments.  We request moving forward to spend these funds instead IMPROVING INFRASTRUCTURE and PROVIDING JOBS and EDUCATION here at home where 1 in 8 Americans live in poverty.  


For the world, we in the majority here in the US are a peace-loving people who value freedom, equality, and justice for all races, religions, and creeds.  We stand proud of the constitution we wrote together as a band a rebels seeking a better way to govern together despite our differences. 

While we have our failings, our constitution, our history, stands as a remarkable symbol to the world of the power of the human spirit.   We must protect this. 

And so, we do not seek war with the people of Iran.  Nor with those who practice authentic religious traditions rooted in love though they may be different than ours.   
Our weapons and military might are to be used only in self defense.  

So hear us elected officials.  Respect the voice of the people you were elected to serve, and bring our troops home.   True strength lies in the power of will to turn the other cheek to a glancing blow when mortal death might be returned. 

Restrain from further violent escalation with Iran.  

This is our democracy.  This is our will.  This is our way.

Of the people, by the people, for the people. 




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