Change the phone and pants policy!

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At East river High School we have a new principal, and he is making changes to the school many people do not agree with. Mr. Valente has changed the pants policy to where we can't wear ripped jeans, even if they don't show skin. It is still considered dress code, and you will get sent to I.S.S. which we feel isn't very fair because not many people have that much money to be going out buying jeans. Ripped jeans is a very over populated fashion design everyone almost loves. We don't feel it should be taken from us. Losing a whole day of education for what? Something that doesn't show skin and isn't considered a distraction. We feel this is very unreasonable. We should be free to wear what is comfortable to us as students. Restriction of pajama pants and basket ball shorts is very unfair and should also be changed, just the same as the ripped jeans. The phones, we are only allowed to have them at lunch. We can not have them during passing time which is unreasonable and we can not have ear buds showing. Nothing that has to do with our personal mobile phones can be in sight basically. They will confiscate it. These rules are very irrational and should be changed Mr. Valente needs to make changes as soon as possible.