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Us Bank: Stop with excessive fees and refund our money

I work very hard to try and support my family of 5. The last few years have been very hard on us, mostly due to difficulties I have had finding permanent work.. I come home today, expecting to try and put together what I could and pay a bill. Come to find out that US Bank charged us another $105 dollars in fees, leaving my family with less than nothing going into the Christmas. Putting our total amount in fees for the year, over $5000 dollars that I have had to pay to them. As it is, we are on food stamps/WIC/and medical, without which we could not hope to pay for my wife's many medical issues, which has left her unable to work outside the house the last 5 years. The reason why this is important, is because I'm sure, without a doubt in my mind, that there are other families/individuals out there that they have done the exact same thing to.

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