Childhood Statelessness should be declared Torture and No Separating Siblings and Families

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Childhood statelessness has been around for centuries and has been even recognized as torture by a sitting US Supreme Court Judge and Human Rights groups but yet no international body will declare it as torture. It's time to solve centuries old wrong, lets begin anew for tomorrow - with innocent children of today. There are millions of children made stateless every year. We ask the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture (UNSRT) to declare childhood statelessness as torture. UN already has the "I, Belong" program, the USA has laws like Girls Count Act (also boys), India has Save the Girl Child, and almost every civilized country has a similar program. In spirit, we are asking for the SAME things which these laws are asking within their own nations but we want the same protections across international borders for any child.

No one wants to be born stateless, it happens. Now, let us move forward.

Stateless = Loss of freedom

UnStateless = Freedom

Which side are you on in a civilized world?

I can assure you whatever it is that floats your boat every morning to wake up — be it your family, your children, your work, equal rights, human rights, child rights, women rights, etc, etc — DEFENDING a stateless girl child and sister and her social, ethical, moral, legal, medical issues COVERS 90–95% of whatever it is you are waking up for everyday.

We request and pray for the help of the unaffected majority to come to our help and support to end this discrimination and all it needs is a "stroke of a pen" by a person in power.

If as a global community, we support the Kimberley Process for "conflict-free" blood diamonds, is there an equivalent process for "conflict-free" stateless and international Surrogacy born children? Is the absence of such an international policy creating "blood children/siblings" embroiled in conflict of childhood statelessness? Childhood Statelessness is a legal paperwork issue and in most cases the victim - an innocent child is almost NEVER at fault nor created the situation but are left to deal with the complex torturous situation. Its a matter of "stroke of a pen" from a person of authority. Typically, childhood stateless survivors are already exploited without their consent. Whether fleeing terrorists with their parents or displaced in-place or left behind by an adult or lacking proper adoption records in international cases, there are so many different ways a child can become stateless. Why not help? The legal labyrinth is confusing enough for well-intentioned adults, how would a child with no or minimal resources navigate?

A legal identity gets a child access to education, access to benefits, healthcare, a passport and ability to travel and explore the world, its FREEDOM and so on. Lack of an identity is a domino effect and a small lie if caught can even setup vicious circumstances even in adulthood creating more torture. We are asking for the same protection as afforded within national boundaries like US, Canada, UK, India, even UN with its "I, Belong" campaign and any civilized nation already has such laws on its books. We are asking that the UNSRT recognize childhood statelessness as torture just like they have recognized other conditions where the survivor/victims are innocent and in this case they are also children with a bright future ahead!

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