My daughter is a victim of our legal system in America

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I am Elisha Edwin. A native of seattle Washington.

On Around september 16th, 2015. A king county comissioner mark Hillman ordered my 3 yrs old daughter to travel out of the united states with her mother to the philippines for what the mother of my dauggter said is a vacation with her attorney.

I pleaded with comissioner mark Hilman not to grant the order that katrina jean cadelinia lacdao will abducte/ kidnapped my daughter and she haa made treats in the pass abd i will not see my daughter again.

Comissioner mark Hilman ignored my plea and refused to consider my fear and knows that his order has no legal grand in the philippines and he ordered my daughter to travel out of the united states.

Is going on 2 years and my daughter is not yet back, the US attorneys have not brought charges yet to the mother of my dauggter.

Please sign my petetion and ask the US attorneys office, The US ambassador to philippines  to do more and help return my daughter back to the united states.