Stop ill-treating dairy cows and buffaloes and its Progeny

Stop ill-treating dairy cows and buffaloes and its Progeny

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The milk we are drinking is only due to the capability of a cows and buffaloes who have their own kid seperated from them on birth and deprived of their mother's milk for the human consumption. Although the milk we are drinking for the health concerns is not needed after a certain age, infact one's own mother's milk is more than enough. No animal on earth drinks milk of any other form other than their mother's excluding humans. We cant stop masses from drinking milk but can give them knowledge as how their milk carriers are treated in their lifetime. These mammals have their babies seperated at an early age for which cows keep on bellowing for days. If its female it becomes part of same exploitation cycle that is artificial insemination(humanely raped) - seperation of babies - sold off or slaughtered after exhaustion. Male calves are meted out very bad treatment. They are either seperated instantly or may be left on roads for slow death. If spared then they are used for veal or leather industry where they are skinned alive.

Buffalo and cow keep bellowing in pain when they are seperated from their child. No mother wants to meet such fate.

These mammals are usually sent to slaughter house when they are no more able to produce milk and there are even such instances of slaughter when they were still pregnant. Women are given full respect during pregancy while these mammals are treated mercilessly

Mostly these cows and buaffloes are left loose on roads to eat polythene and garbage and our milk is secreted from their breasts. When cows and buffaloes are exhausted they are either sold off to live exporter or just left loose on roads so that they don't still burden their breeders. If they become part of live export their legs are broken and eyes are poked for less activity. Still worse they are transported without any food and water for days.

Pls come together to end this live cruelty to our fellow species.. This earth dont belong to us only but to all of us. Let more and more people know about the facts of their milk carriers and realise that we are feeding ourself on the cruelty.

Cow is called as mother because we are fed on her milk and grown to this big size drinking her milk although our mother milk was good enough but we still exploited these creations for our greed. Lets not discriminate between cow and buffalo and end the unmeanignful exploitation we are meting out to these voiceless angels

Let more people be aware about how painful and disgraceful treatement is meted out to these innocent animals.