NO MORE (INTERNAL) BORDERS - save our jobs, our prosperity

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Bei 1.000 Unterschriften wird die Petition mit höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit in den Empfehlungen gelistet!

Families, couples, fiancées and friends are separated by barbed wire!

Soldiers shoot (again) cross-border commuters (this is what happened at the Polish/Czech border)!

Helpers, nurses, aid deliveries stuck in the traffic jams in front of the border controls or don't even come into the country!

Neighbours on the other side of the border become "corona enemies"!

We demand immediate border openings in the entire Schengen area!

The spread of the virus is in decline throughout the Schengen area. The virus doesn't stop at borders. The neighbour behind the border is no more or less contagious than the neighbour from the next town.

Borders prevent thousands of Europeans from doing their jobs. Borders ruin hundreds of thousands of jobs in import and export, in gastronomy, in tourism, in agriculture ... practically in all areas. Borders cost not only prosperity; they also cost social security and peace. Borders lead to protectionism, nationalism and make enemies out of friends.

We demand a permanent Schengen area!

National and populist politicians tell us that they have to constantly protect us from something: from viruses, from foreigners, from terrorists…. And then they lock us up. By borders.

Let us never be locked up again! Never lock out neighbours, friends and prosperity again!

Let us authorize the European Union to effectively preserve and enforce the Schengen area. We are therefore calling for a reversal of the authorization, so that the Commission and not the nation states can decide on repeal of the Schengen area. In future, the Commission should decide on possible, short-term and, above all, regionally limited emergency measures. The EU working as a team always achieves more than insular national politicians.

Articles 6 and 9 of the Union Treaty should be given more attention; Articles 196 and 222 should be re-sharpened and Title III, Chapter II of the Schengen Borders Code must be changed (quasi: "reversed").

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