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Why a common man should simply trap in complex and looting banking business?

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The shock of recent demonetisation move is just about to settle, yet to surprise of common man the banks both private and public sector have started levying/charging a huge transaction charges on common man. Why don’t you charge for corporate accounts.

Dear Team (RBI, FinMin and PMO) I request you to kindly intervene into matter very urgently as many banks have started wef from 1st Mar17 and 1st Apr 17.

What appears worst is, today millions of poor workers are standing at ques in banks just to get their weekly or monthly salary deposited in their bank accounts. To make it further miserable, the officers at govt banks like SBI are so rampant that I witnessed, that the poor womens (workers aged 30-65) had to come banks and spent literally complete two days at bank making their lives miserable. But people are tolerating all these for a common cause of better future. A future which can provide transparent, efficient and leak proof.

Today people have opened bank accounts, and deposited all their money in banks. On top of it, they don’t have ATMs as SBI and other public sector banks don’t give ATMs if person doesn’t sign or if a person is illiterate. Worsen the pain of poor, all factories are paying wages in bank accounts and hence they are unable to spend on time for their daily needs like food and vegetables.

On other hand Middle class has also maximised if not completely their all transactions via banks, either, wallets, or credit cards or banks. Their salary too deposited in banks. But unfortunately not everyone accepts digital payment, still merchants, furniture shops, steel shops and many asks cash or else sells at higher cost in digital payment mode. This is how a middle man is also trapped.

I request govt to intervene now and formulate policy to empower RBI or other independent autonomy to control and regulate the nonsense of bankers. Today charges are applied for cash transactions, tomorrow you may apply it on digital transactions too.

Why a person his hard earned money should be taxed so many times at so many stages? First thing why should theres a need to maintain a minimum balance in a world where a credit is freely available

First remove all the charges on digital payments. Today still 11.23 Rs are charged if paid for 100 Rs petrol at pumps by credit card. Why this charge is needed afterall.

Why cant govt simply sell RuPay Credit Cards to all public, with Zero annual fee, with Zero payment charges at all Indian POS, Indian Online payments. Why cant govt think of equalising digitial payment options. Why not every shop keeper, petrol pumps use BHIM app for free transactions.

SBI, India's biggest bank, joins foreign banks with over 50 per cent foreign equity - HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank - to slaughter depositors. The IE reports, SBI slaps charges on cash deposits, breaching balances. Charges will be applicable from April 1. IE writes: While three cash deposit transactions will be free in a month, beyond three transactions the bank will charge Rs.50 plus service tax for each transaction. In the case of ATM transactions, after the permissible number of free transactions SBI will charge Rs.20 plus service tax, per transaction. SBI has also imposed service charge for failure in maintaining monthly average balance in metro, urban and rural centres. SBI will also charge issue of cheque books, cheque collections.. et al. Depositors will not be taxed for walking into a SBI office. Is it not the constitutional right of a depositor to withdraw his deposits free? RBI as usual is in the silent mode while one cannot expect courts to fight for the depositor.

That means if a person has three accounts he needs to maintain 5000 each in account and he needs to give Rs 15000 to banks and they make big money out it by investing in stock. That means, The poor will die poorer and rich will grow richer.

Banks are charging transaction fees…

Service tax has gone up big time and will increase even more! ( I don’t understand why additional sevice tax needs to pay after all we are paying interest, annual fees, transaction charges on neft, imps, charges of DD, etc.)

We were taxed for earning money. (Only Trustowrthy people pay taxes in form of TDS, as far as others there is no mechanism to track their income.)

We are taxed for spending money. (Service tax, excise duty, road tax, VAT etc.)

We were taxed for hoarding money.

We are taxing for depositing money.

We are taxing for withdrawing money.

We are taxed for service money
We are taxed (cess)for education
We are taxed for Swatch Bharat
We are taxed for purchase 
We are taxed for sales
We are taxed for manufacturing 
We are taxed for public Utility 
Earning has become a dangerous crime. 

Spending has become a terrific crime.

Saving has become sedition like a crime.


Dear Team Request you to kindly take appropriate steps to stop this harassment to common man.

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