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RBI to make mandatory to take all Human Resource Personal onroll in all banks across India

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All banks whether private sector or public sector should take Human Resource Professional onroll - on payroll of the bank even if the bank does not have budget or headcount to do so. Why do we HR have to work as outsource employees? Are we not efficient or qualified enough? Even after completing post graduation or an MBA with specialisation in HR we are hired as offrole employees.My request to RBI is that all HR employees should be hired as onroll directly or else the bank should be withdrawn of its licence. We HR, are the ones who work a lot to close the budget, acheive the targets,  do strenuous jobs, work till late nights, give up on our family and social life and our banks treat us in this manner. It is so shameful that the heart of the organization - HR are given such painful treatment. Does anyone know what pain and torture we are going through working as outsource employees? Request RBI to take necessary action and make it mandatory for all banks to hire all HR employees as onroll directly and eliminate the concept of third party or offrole. We deserve to be treated as humans and not as just robots. Banks learn to respect your HR staff or else you won't be able to retain all the good and highly qualified employees as we do not wish to work on offrole basis after having high potential. Please sign my petition so that this can be made effective from the new financial year 2017-2018.

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