Urging Public to Demand These Burial Sites be PROTECTED! We Need to Come Together!

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Aloha Supporters,

Many of us locals have that natural human decency to show respect towards each other, each other’s ancestral remains, the land and it’s people but today is seems like all of that is slowly being taken away.

One big issue is happening in Central Maui. The sand dunes are the resting place for thousands of iwi kupuna (ancestral bones), but landowner Maui Lani Partners has been allowed to ILLEGALLY mine  hundred of thousands of tons of Central Maui sand and destroy countless burials in its Phase 9 site. Can you say DISRESPECT?! 

According to KHON2, MLP and HC&D’s joint owner, the Mills Group, made $30 million (30 million!!!) off Maui sand mining in 2016 alone. All of this was done with a simple grubbing and grading permit (No. G2014/0090); the Mills Group found loopholes in the law that allowed them to mine away the small amount of inland sand Maui has left. 

These burial sites are where many ancestors of the living are resting. We urge Maui residents, Na Kia’i Honua (Earth guardians), and all who care about your home to come together to stop this illegal action for the sake of the future of Hawai’i and it’s people. After all, with all this illegal activity, the people and the land will NOT be benefiting from it so why let them take advantage of land that was ILLEGALLY stolen. 

Again, we ask and urge the public to sign and become aware as well as involved with similar issues happening throughout the islands so that WE may benefit and not the greedy. PLEASE DO IT TODAY!!!!!!! Now is more important than ever to act on!!!

Mahalu nui,

Lena N.