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It is outrageous that such an institution would be given the go ahead to undertake an experiment done decades ago. That entails the following:

Infant monkeys are immediately removed from their mothers after birth and kept in total isolation. They will be given "surrogate" materials known to provoke heightened anxieties. For 42 days, the confused infants will be subjected to relentless fear and panic-inducing tests while totally isolated. These tests include being intentionally terrified by human researchers, being left alone with a live King snake, and being left alone in a strange room with a strange monkey. They will then be killed and dissected.

Please help us Put a stop to this laboratory experiment by contacting the University of Wisconsin system president. The person whom this petition is directed to.

Thank you!

Letter to
UW System President Kevin P. Reilly
Assistant to the President Kate Wodyn
STOP University of Wisconsin Maternal Deprivation Against baby Monkeys!

It has come to our attention, via ALDF, Alliance for Animals and Not in our name. That you are conducting age old tests against monkeys. The Maternal deprivation test. Of which consists, brutal treatment of a baby monkey. This test was done back in 1950! Harry Harlow's infamous University of Wisconsin tests, in which he psychologically tortured baby monkeys by separating them from their mothers. This caused a public outcry then. It most certainly will be doing so now.

Not only is this test unnecessary. It is unconscionable to say the least. Over 60 years later, someone seems to believe that such cruelty is necessary. This is completely outrageous. Your institution has been under scrutiny of late over extreme cruelty to cats in your laboratories. I have to wonder if you are truly after scientific evidence. Or the money granted to do research. How can any human being commit such heinous acts? I would think a person would have to be so detached from any semblance of human compassion whatsoever. So what does that say about the committees that allow this?

This has hit the news. And WEEAC will be joining the groups acting to stop these heinous tests. Our group is an international group. So not only the United States will hear of this, but all the world will be watching. Giving Wisconsin and it's University quite a reputation. As we join the following; The ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund); The Alliance for Animals Wisconsin; The Not in our name organization (against this specific test).

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