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Petitioning President, North Dakota State University Joseph Chapman

URGENT: Sign Petition to Stop Live Pig Lab Scheduled for April 27

UPDATE, 4/29: Thank you, so much, to all who signed this petition and spread the word. Unfortunately, NDSU and MeritCare went through with the training this week, but that doesn't mean the fight is over, either at this school or in terms of PCRM's larger campaign to save animals from use in training and experiments. Please see this blog post for more, including for the next petition we all need to sign to make this year the last year animals are killed for NDSU/MeritCare's trauma training program.

As noted in more detail in this post, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has mounted a campaign to stop the use and killing of pigs in a trauma training course at North Dakota State University scheduled for this coming Monday, April 27.

Please see the PCRM campaign page for more details.

In addition to signing the petition hosted here, you may also place a respectful phone call to university president Joseph A. Chapman at 701-231-7211. But if you go that route, please do remain calm and respectful. As PCRM notes, "Being polite is the most effective way to help these pigs."

The text of this petition is based on a letter composed by Kinship Circle. Much thanks go to that dedicated organization; please support it.

Letter to
President, North Dakota State University Joseph Chapman
The University of Michigan Health System recently chose to use only simulated models for Advanced Trauma and Life Support (ATLS) courses. I strongly urge North Dakota State University to join U-M Medical school -- along with more than 90% of U.S. and Canadian facilities that benefit from human-focused simulators alone.

The animal experiments currently used are outdated. Emergency medical training is better served by relevant and humane non-animal systems. Please replace the maiming and killing of pigs with Simulab's TraumaMan, among the most commonly used surgical simulators worldwide.

TraumaMan's anatomical body facilitates practice of lifesaving skills and reduces trainee dropout rates. The American College of Surgeons endorses TraumaMan System, SimMan, human cadavers and other synthetic models.

I encourage you to assess sophisticated patient simulators for ATLS courses. North Dakota State University is one of the only U.S. teaching labs that still mutilates and discards live pigs. These living creatures undergo confinement, transport, isolation and preparation, experiments and slaughter.

Overall, animal-free research cuts costs and improves proficiency. A timely New England Journal of Medicine article highlights the "very detailed feedback and...more subtle measurement of trainee performance" gained from virtual reality simulators. The article summarizes: Inanimate models are "safe, reproducible, portable, readily available, and...cost-effective."

Please update your school's trauma-management training with methods more relevant to human anatomy and surgery. Killing live pigs is no longer viable, given the accessibility of capable and equivalent non-animal technologies.

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