URGENT: CDC and Jordanian Airlines Demands Return of Dogs After Days of Gross Neglect!

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URGENT: CDC and Jordanian Airlines Demands Return of Dogs After Days of Gross Neglect!

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Chicago French Bulldog Rescue Organization started this petition to CDC Director Director Robert Redfield and

On August 31st, approximately 20 dogs were confiscated from a warehouse within Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. These dogs arrived from the country of Jordan on Royal Jordanian Airlines many days prior. On August 31st, an unrelated good Samaritan alerted a Chicago Police Officer that there were numerous dogs in a warehouse living in dire circumstances and urged investigation. Upon investigation, the police discovered that these dogs were without food and water, dehydrated and in abhorrent sanitary conditions. It is unclear what would have happened to these dogs or how long they would have languished had the unrelated third party not taken this heroic step.

Royal Jordanian Airlines housed an improperly documented shipment of dogs two to a crate, without food or water for numerous days. The crates were caked with fecal matter and urine inches thick. The dogs suffered skin lesions from sitting in their own excrement as shown in the photo we have included. One puppy was found deceased after being in the warehouse for days. Upon discovering these conditions and observing the imminent danger to these animals, the Chicago Police Department immediately took custody of the dogs.

An employee for the warehouse, under the direction of the Chicago Police Department, then contacted Chicago French Bulldog Rescue and asked if they would take custody of 15 French Bulldogs who were in the warehouse. The Rescue responded to this request on a moment’s notice. The Rescue arranged to have several veterinary clinics prepped and on stand-by to provide treatment and quarantine for all 15 dogs that same evening. The Rescue went to the warehouse and assisted the police in evaluating and loading the dogs into their rescue vehicle, took custody of the dogs and transported them to their veterinary partners where they have been treated, quarantined, tested for parvo and even socialized. Their medical bills exceed $40,000.

“The van the rescued dogs were in was covered in flies due to the pups being covered in feces and urine,” said a rescue volunteer through tears who was on the scene when the dogs were discovered. “It was horrible for them. We couldn’t get the smell off us for days.”

Royal Jordanian Airlines, has demanded that Chicago French Bulldog Rescue return the dogs to their custody so that they can fly them back to Jordan. Royal Jordanian Airlines is not the owner of the dogs. Moreover, these dogs were forcibly removed from the care and custody of Royal Jordanian Airlines because of the severe neglect suffered at its hands as well as its demonstrated disregard for life. Royal Jordanian Airlines had demanded the dogs be returned while they were still too sick to leave veterinary care and have not inquired as to the condition or health of the dogs other than to ask if they are well enough to fly.

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue has asked that the pups be released to their custody and care permanently, where they will continue their rehabilitation and find them loving homes. If the dogs are released to their rescue, Chicago French Bulldog Rescue has agreed to absorb all incurred and future medical costs. 

The CDC and USDA are currently also pressuring Royal Jordanian Airlines to send the dogs back to Jordan, despite concerns of the dogs' wellbeing.  The CDC is demanding that the dogs be returned to the custody and control of the entity responsible for the unspeakable cruelty suffered by these dogs.  This despite the fact that the dogs have been in quarantine for over 20 days and vaccinated and present no threat of infectious disease.  The CDC is also not requiring Royal Jordanian Airlines to pay the dogs' full medical bills.  


Please also consider emailing the CDC at cdcanimalimports@cdc.gov or calling 1.800.232.4636 and asking them to grant amnesty for these 15 puppies and allow Chicago French Bulldog Rescue to continue to care for them.

These dogs have been failed by Jordanian Airlines who were responsible for their safety and wellbeing:

• Royal Jordanian Airlines has admitted to failing them before they were shipped by not confirming that their documents were in order, including proper health certificates and vet records.
• Royal Jordanian Airline failed them by not providing them with adequate sustenance or sanitary living conditions thereby threatening their health.
• Royal Jordanian Airlines is primed to fail them again if it regains custody and control. It has provided no explanation, apology or remediation for this unspeakable neglect. There is no reasonable basis to believe that Royal Jordanian Airlines will not continue with the same exact history of neglect that it has flagrantly and unapologetically exhibited. Who is to say that they next time the result will not be worse?

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue has not and will not fail them. Dogs and puppies are sentient beings. The cruelty associated with the international trade of puppies must be stopped. This case is a prime example of the lack of care and consideration the puppies receive during these transactions. This is the second time that Chicago French Bulldog Rescue has come to the aide of sick and neglected imported puppies. This needs to stop.

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue is grateful to Chicago Police Department for standing up against animal cruelty and neglect.

Please sign this petition to demand that the CDC allow these dogs to stay in the United States and be surrendered to Chicago French Bulldog Rescue.

*Please note that funds donated to "promote" this petition do not go to the rescue.  For those who have asked how to donate to the medical bills of these dogs or toward the legal fees to keep him here, donations can be made at https://www.frenchieporvous.org/donations/  

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 129,320 supporters!

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