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Hundreds of beagles and monkeys will be killed at the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute as a result of a financial setback. Reportedly, the LRRI lost a contract and is no longer in need of the animals. According to a whistleblower who contacted Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN), the monkey slaughter began on Monday July 11th, with 30 monkeys being killed each day. The beagles are next.

Please ask the LRRI management team to release the animals to sanctuaries and rescue groups !

Letter to
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI)
Ricky L. Morrow
David D. Griego
and 16 others
Donii D. Fox
James Taylor
Bret Hendzel
Penny H. Holeman
Stephen A. Stemkowski
Chris Merriam-Leith
Ross D. LeClaire
Cheryl D. DiCarlo
Matthew D. Reed
Director of Information Services Rachel M. Blea
Chief Human Resources Officer Cheryl N. DeVaul
Director of Applied Life Sciences and Toxicology Robert L. Sherwood
Jacob D. McDonald
Chief Financial Officer Richard C. McGivney
President and CEO Robert W. Rubin
William E. Bechtold
I was appalled to learn that monkeys and beagles are being killed at the LRRI, due to financial reverses.

These research animals have already suffered immensely during their confined lives. The very least that these sentient beings deserve is their freedom. I urge you to open a dialogue with animal advocates, such as SAEN and/or WAR, and arrange for the animals to be taken to sanctuaries or foster homes.

Please stop the killings and ensure that the animals are provided with a home where they may live out the remainder of their natural lives in peace and free from harm.

Thank you for your time.


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