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Review the objectives and protocols of The Court of Protection.

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My brother was awarded compensation after a life changing accident, the Court Of Protection oversea his money and expenditure, taking from it a fee as often as they can. They have now decided that my mother cannot have control of his money and have taken possession of all his bank accounts. We are not the only family to be effected by them, people have fled the country just to protect themselves and family members. PLEASE SEARCH CASES ONLINE TO SEE THE SEVERITY OF IT ALL!!

Court of protection.. 'Who are they really protecting?'  They attack the vulnerable and take no priority in care or welfare of ANY 'client'. I have read all 47 states of their rules & law biding contradictions, who clearly take every possible action against those who do nothing but provide the best they can for their children with vulnerable needs and at best, take away every penny just to secure themselves! They plea to take action against what's 'best' for a child or vulnerable adult, even though in every scenario I've seen, the outcome has never benefited anyone but themselves. A serious case I've recently come across - that makes me sick to my stomach - is a woman whom on four separate occasions has gone to the COP to have her mentally incapable daughter of severe learning difficulties to be 'sterilised' as she's endlessly getting pregnant (and has 3 children taken off her already), which no doubt is mind numbingly painful.. On the grounds that with the medication she takes, it interferes with any contraception that may be available to her.. On each four occasions she has been 'laughed' out of the courts and told that despite all of the above, it wouldn't be the 'humane' thing to do, declined on all four court hearings she was then made to withdraw every claim she made against them and sign a legal document stating that she agreed with all four decisions made in court. And why? To cover their own asses because they know what they're doing is wrong! This just a needle in a hay stack, there are so many cases out there in desperate need of seldom and outcome that you'll find this story, however shocking to you, is just another bat of an eyelid.. If you're under the COP there are not many (if any) ways to fight against them, any action taken against them and you'll be first on the firing line. This is a personal matter to me for many reasons and we need to stand up for our human rights, stand up for what we believe is morally correct and stand up for those who can't! More importantly, standing up as a society together! The COP have had their fun, now let's have ours because together, one day, somehow we will fight against them & WIN!

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