Urgent request City of Bunbury & Main Roads Southwest add traffic lights & slip lane

Urgent request City of Bunbury & Main Roads Southwest add traffic lights & slip lane

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Why this petition matters

Started by Kelly Despotakis

Proposed 7-Eleven development East Bunbury 2 urgent Community Safety Matters :

1. Traffic Community Concern (extension Road Works (Slip Lane Picton Road) and (Traffic Lights at intersection Forrest Ave Picton Road) needed.

2. Contamination Community Concern (Decontamination works required). According to DWER Contaminated Sites Data Base there is a Cat1 contaminated site less than 50m away from proposed development. 1 Picton Road has underground tanks in Siri for over 25yrs and now due to strong smell of fuel needs urgent inspection to assess risk of immediate harm to the groundwater & soil. Close proximity to the proposed development at 101 Picton Road which has a high water table problem this, is highly likely to connect via the same underground aquifer.

Request City Council support from City of Bunbury to fund works to:

. Redo Traffic Impact Statement using Real Time Traffic Counters to accurately measure existing traffic flow as the current estimates used in Travel Impact statement are nit acceptable. Request Main Roads South West & COB to revisit road Capacity threshold decisions after the ‘Real Data’ has been analyzed.

. Appropriately decommission and make safe the abandoned underground petroleum tanks in accordance with Australian Standard AS4976:2008. Outcome to have sites reclassified as Decontaminated. Prior to any new developments of underground tanks and infrastructure beginning.

Note: The Minister of Petroleum his Hon. Bill Johnston & Director General of Infrastructure & Planning Mr Anthony Kannis have been informed of these 2 serious safety concerns and our petition as a Community Response.



11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!