All-India Centralised OnlineDatabase of Hospitals, Beds and COVID19 protocols for patients

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I had started this petition in 2020 when COVID was at its peak. Back then too there was a chaos and panic as people struggled for information on where to rush their loved ones. As a citizen who uses social media, I started doing my bit to collate, compile and share information on hospitals, beds and plasma because I believed having all this info in one place could make it easier and faster for people to save their loved ones from COVID. Then I realised that no matter how hard I try, the only way to benefit millions would be if the Govt of India itself set up an All-India Centralised COVID Database, which is updated in real-time so that every Indian anywhere in India can access it and be spared the tension. So I started this petition. Nearly 2.5 lakh people signed it, and this confirmed to me that there are many more who feel the same way. I thought the government would take action but sadly it didn’t. Today the 2nd wave of COVID is thrashing us. This time it’s not just beds, hospitals and plasma but something most basic to life: Oxygen. My social media is filled with SOS messages. I am raising my voice once again and invite everyone reading this to join me. Sign this petition so that this time the government has to listen. I am contacting the Health Ministry as I write this. Every signature will help.

(update written on 22nd April 2021)


COVID19 has taken over the world at large, with this probably being the largest global pandemic that our generation has seen. While we are still a long way from coming up with a vaccine and winning this battle, the need of the hour is to systematically tackle this problem so as to deal with Coronavirus as efficiently as we can.

Earlier in May, the number of Coronavirus cases in India crossed 1,50,000. With Lockdown 4.0 ending soon, there is likely to be an increase in movement and, therefore, maybe a surge in cases. There is a need to come up with a proper system of dispensing information with regard to the medical facilities available across the country that will help streamline the steps to be taken by anyone who is suspected of being positive. SIGN MY PETITION

On 30th May 2020, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced that he will soon be launching a mobile application for people to give information about bed availability in hospitals across Delhi. As of date, there is no centralized information available online which gives us information on access to hospitals in case someone is showing any symptoms. The result is that as soon as one starts showing symptoms, panic sets in as to the next steps that need to be taken in order to tackle the situation. Precious time of patients' families and hospital staff can be saved when there is clarity.

Hence, it is imperative that the Central Government uploads an online, centralized, all-India database giving the following information:

  • State, city and district-wise list of names of hospitals that are equipped for handling COVID positive patients
  • Number of beds in such hospitals (occupied + available)
  • Protocol to be followed by patients

Please sign this petition and join me in demanding an All-India Centralised Online Database of Hospitals, Beds, and Protocols for COVID patients.

Love and Light