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Hamo Azhari has been trapped in Istanbul airport custody since September 28th and is due to be deported to Sudan this Wednesday October 30th due to a transit visa issue.

We make a fervent plea to the countries of the world who believe in freedom of thought to grant him the safety of asylum. 21 year old Hamo’s life is in danger because he has renounced his religion. He is an "apostate" from Islam, and therefore subject to incarceration, and a sentence of capital punishment according to Article 126 of the Sudan Criminal Act of 1991.

Hamo’s Sudanese passport restricts his options for safe destinations greatly.

It is a human right to be allowed to have freedom of religion, but also the right NOT to practise religion. A distinction should be made between criticising ideas and violating human rights, as this is the only way forward.

Despite outcries from Hamo and his supporters to organizations such as the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR); Canada's refugee crises to which Justin Trudeau had initially been open arms for; the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE); President Donald J. Trump's limited Executive Orders on Immigration and Refugees, and other so-called welcoming agencies and countries, there has hardly been any outcry in mass media attention for people such as Hamo. 

Hamo is wanting to seek a future many of us take for granted. But the media is silent on it. SILENCE IS COMPLICIT!

In the words of Albert Einstein - “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil; it will be destroyed by those who watch and do nothing.”

To the EU, UN, UNHCR, and more within the western world who supposedly stand up for basic human rights, #SAVEHAMO!

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His Twitter: https://twitter.com/7amoo101