! URGENT ! - DO NOT DONATE MONEY - "STOP 5G Rollout by Telcos/Device sellers."

! URGENT ! - DO NOT DONATE MONEY - "STOP 5G Rollout by Telcos/Device sellers."

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Costas Giakamozis started this petition to Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield (Minister for Communications and the Arts – Parliament of Australia)


*** DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY to this petition OR  to CHANGE.ORG. Dont want your money! Dont need it.

...STILL; REGARDING 5G DANGERS: The information below remains VALID & ACCURATE, and the PROTEST is valid and worth fighting for.

... I hope to RE-ISSUE THIS PETITION on an honest / reputable petition website ASAP.

SINCEREST APOLOGIES. If you have paid money... LET ME KNOW, and demonstrate Receipt for payment, and I will personally RE-IMBURSE you 

- Costas Giakamozis (cgiakmoz@gmail.com)

P.S. You cant make an omelette without breaking a few eggs !



For a great video - click here: "The Dangers Of 5G Technology - The Internet Of Things"

·        The Roll-out of 5G infrastructure by Telecommunications Companies in Australia must cease immediately.

·        Radiation from 5G devices adversely affects human and animal health.  In Sept. 2017, 180 Scientists and Doctors from 35 countries sent a Declaration to the E.U. demanding a moratorium (legally authorized period of delay) over their concerns due to radiation health effects.

·        An Awareness Campaign on the Dangers of 5G should be conducted through mainstream and social media outlets to inform the Australian public.

·        The public must REJECT this technology, BOYCOTT Telco’s that deploy it and any products relating to it, REFUSE to buy hardware devices or equipment connected to this technology, REFUTE industry spokespeople who dis-inform the public with hype, gimmicks, phony advertising distractions. And lastly, the public should SPEAK OPENLY of their individual concerns over this radiation.

·        Upon announcing 5G in July 2017, the U.S Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler intentionally ignores any risks or any adverse health effects. He stated that “5G is a national priority”, and said that detractors should “stay out of the way of technological development”, citing that –

o   Unlike some countries, we should not spend the next 5 years “studying what 5G should be, or how it should operate”. and

o   “Turning innovators loose is far preferable to expecting committees and regulators to define the future”… and …”We wont wait for the standards”

o   “U.S companies will be first out of the gate”. And

o   “It will generate 10’s of billions of dollars in economic activity”, and

o   “It will lead to a cornucopia of unanticipated innovative uses”

·        Wheeler also said “if anybody tells you they know what 5G will become, [then] run the other way”. And “If something CAN be connected, it WILL be connected”

·        Australian Government Agencies ACMA.gov.au (Australian Communications and Media Authority) and ARPANSA.gov.au (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) have neither carried out nor published ANY research and/or Guidelines in Australia as to Health and Safety Standards for 5G.

·        ARPANSA is specifically tasked to set the Safety Limits for radiation in Australia, and advise government on regulations to be adopted. And yet, prior to 5G’s deployment, it has to date -

o   Has tabled NO Health or Impact Study on 5G Safety in anticipation of the 5G rollout. And,

o   In relation to radiation from ‘soup’ EXISTING EMF and RF SOURCES of nnEMF (non-nantural Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) such as Overhead Power Lines, House Wiring & Chorded appliances, Microwave oven Seepage and Signal Transmisions, Radio & TV Broadcasts, SW & CB Radio, Magnetic Fields, Wi-fi, 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G, the Agency has given NO CONSIDERATION whatsoever as to the TOTAL CUMULATIVE EFFECT together of ALL these existing sources of (non-natural / man-made) non-ionizing radiation for Australian Homes, Workplaces, residential communities, Open Areas, Central Business Centres, Schools or Hospitals.


·        5G NR (New Radio), is the new global standard for the air interface of 5G networks. Its being touted as a simple incremental improvement in mobile phone technology by Telcos, and Device Manufacturers (e.g. Samsung).  In some ways, 5G IS incremental over existing current technologies. But in the big picture, when co-opted to the proposed new IoT (Internet of Things), 5G becomes a huge and fundamental evolution in Tech.

·        Of course, 5G will have vastly increased internet speeds. Initially 2-10 times current speeds. And it will be everywhere. When operational, there will be an additional 20,000 new fridge-sized satellites in Low Earth Orbit (currently there’s only 1,100 working satellites globally). So 5G will beam down on us everywhere from above. Cities, villages, even the Desert! No-where to run, nowhere to hide! On the ground, 5G must literally be installed on every Lamp Post.

·        5G technology includes real-time radio-based directional tracking systems for targets travelling up to 500km/h so you can be instantly followed everywhere.  And it will employ advanced solid-state and software digital signals processing technologies to route and monitor all video, audio or data signals. Note:  This is just in the hardware back-end.

·        Another capability of 5G, which you don’t hear talked about, but which is inherently expected as the 5G technology matures, is the ability to very-finely map the spatial 3D environment we live in; Right down to the blade of grass. The sub-millimetre wavelength of 5G and the use of its FD-MIMO can give unfriendly actors the capacity to interferometrically see through walls and texture-map everything inside your house. Just because we saw it on the Batman move a couple of years ago, does NOT mean that it's fiction.

·        5G will also seize unallocated RF (Radio Frequencies) in the range of 3Ghz-110Ghz, and eventually up to 300Ghz. These types, and levels of radiation are publicly untested for human health effects.  Note: even before factoring in 5G, multiple studies link Behavioural and Neurological effects, Infertility and Cancer to ALREADY EXISTING nnEMF like Wifi up to 4G already in the environment to.  See:  EMFWarrors.com

If the reader is interested in the Tech-Specs of 5G, please find our summary of the various component of its Digital Signals Processing (DSP) technologies HERE.


·        After you’ve ‘let your imagination loose’, and in time become jaded over the hype surrounding 5G, including Virtual Reality, cameras everywhere, autonomous cars, automatic plant waterers, and embedded microchips in your wrist to conveniently pay Starbucks. Put the technology aside, and ask “What IS this 5G ‘thing’, really?” 

Focussing on the Tech and whizz-bang gimmickry potentially masks the grander, long-term agenda by Telco Cartels.  We must understand that 5G is MORE than just a radiation threat to public Health. 

Whilst the machine-level, back-end infrastructure for 5G is built in anticipation of the IoT, its technology was actually founded on hundreds of U.S. patents. Many of which were developed by, and for, the U.S. Military for use in tactical/warfare situations. This includes not just the (RF) radio frequency in and of itself (for mass crowd control, behaviour modification, and for directioned beam-weapons).  But also the hardware, which can be used by the so-called ‘Security State’ for full spectrum signals monitoring, Artificial Intelligence parsing, and cryptography-based industrial espionage.

Think of the Yellow Vest march of thousands of Protesters in France & Europe today. Now going over 14 weeks, (and NOT a peep from mainstream news by the way). Can we REALLY be sure that Bad State Actors will not, in future, mis-use or even re-task 5G technologies, against civilians (e.g; by Police), OR be used in the corporate-industrial setting (for private security services), OR in military strategic theatres (for warfare both foreign and domestic)?
·        Please Note:  This Petition does not specifically align itself with Alarmists.  But within 2 to 10 years, you can extrapolate the possibilities.  To understand a little more deeply, its worth considering how various advocacy groups see this World-Wide 5G Deployment:   Political Activists say its “a Tool of the Mass Surveillance State”. Conspiracy Theorists refer to it as “Big Brother” or “The A.I. Apocalypse”. Trans-Humanists refer to it as “The Rise of the Machines”. And some Christians label it as “The 666 Beast System”….For the purposes of this petition, WE simply describe it – vehemently – as “Something neither Safe, nor Needed”.


This petition is only one small step. But practically speaking, everyone only needs to do a SMALL PART in order to STOP 5G. No need to become a Freedom Fighter! But still you MUST SPEAK OUT.

·        Multi-National corporations ONLY fulfil their agendas because the public BUYS their products. A person accepting 5G just buys themselves a larger, more complex prison.

·        To IGNORE, or NOT OBJECT to 5G is barely an option any more. This is because cartels like the Telco Industry have enough lobbying strength to IMPOSE agendas on the public if push-back isn’t felt.  Understand: By not openly SAYING ‘NO’, it’s basically a ‘YES’ vote to them.

·        Professionals should Co-ordinate together and state their concerns over dangers. Similarly to the abovementioned 180 Scientists and Doctors from 35 countries who sent their 11-page moratorium declaration to the E.U.

PLEASE NOTE, that we Petitioners conclude that seeking a moratorium is NOT ENOUGH to stop 5G. Simply DELAYING a 5G rollout pending “more research” is counter-productive. For the reasons Why, click HERE

·        Our recommendation is, instead, to DEMAND immediate cancellation and FULL STOP to the 5G rollout based on legal Public Policy grounds of “Citizens Rights to Health and Safety”.

·        INDVIDUALS. Each MUST do our own research. (Search: “*5G Dangers*” into YouTube). Do not just take our word for it!

·        Post your research on social media like Twitter or YouTube.

·        Learn some EMF Hygiene! Turn OFF your own WiFi, and put smartphones in Flight Mode at night or when not in use. Do you want to be blasted by your neighbour’s WiFi as you sleep?

·        Voice your concern: Speak, or send an email, to your neighbours or colleagues. Speak to your local State or Federal Minister. And your local Councilmen.

·        Join group chats on Facebook etc. finding other concerned citizens.

·        Write standardized, or custom letters to Govt Agencies. Sign petitions like this one.

·        Contact and join Advocacy Groups like WiFi In Schools Australia . Or start your own group.

·        In the U.S., submissions have been by made in local town halls and city councils, to State and Federal government agencies, and to the Congress and Senate. Similarly, protests have been lodged in the European Parliament and the United Nations.

·        Understand, you are not alone! You are already part of THIS Petition.  And world-wide, many people are coming out against companies or Agencies who push 5G on the population.

·        Just DON’T suffer apathy. Don’t be FOOLED. Don’t BUY their products. Don’t believe their hype. Don’t be sucked-in by advertising puff.  And PLEASE, don’t sheepishly buy into the fake ‘future paradise full of useless gizmos’ they peddle.   Our friends, families, and children already suffer too many dissociative disorders from addiction to the Tech Grid.

Learn, Dear Friends, to Say NO more.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!