Urgent appeal: Lessen pet paperwork/cost for people fleeing with pets from Ukraine to UK


Urgent appeal: Lessen pet paperwork/cost for people fleeing with pets from Ukraine to UK

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Katie Li started this petition to UK Parliament and

Hello change-makers, can you spare a minute to help, please? 

Since Russia (Government and military) invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022 and continues to attack cities, animal shelters, civilians and hospitals. Millions of people are still trying to flee Ukraine for safety, and as reported by BBC and the United Nations on March 09, 2022, more than 2 million people have managed to take refuge in neighbouring countries. Yet, many traumatised people (families of women, children, pets and men) were being faced with the impossible decision of leaving their beloved pet animals behind due to the protocol for non-commercial movement of companion animals into the United Kingdom and European Union.

Heartbreaking scenes of people desperately trying to flee with their pets 

The current regulations for bringing companion and rescued animals into the UK are impossible for people to follow in a state of war. They require that animals such as dogs and cats be vaccinated and microchipped, have a negative blood test for rabies and carry paperwork including pet passports – and many animals don’t meet the criteria.

PETA UK is receiving information about the process at Ukraine’s borders, and mercifully, there is an increasing number of reports that Hungary, Poland, Germany and Romania are making entry for animals less bureaucratic, and Hungary have slashed these pet impediments for refugees. [Visit PETA UK for more updates]

How much does it truly cost?

In normal circumstances, in a world without war - pets would need vaccines, rabies tests and microchips to travel, documentation requirements and pet passports all of which are incurred costs and take time to sort.

  • Typically the price for a complete EU Pet Passport in 2020 can cost as little as €20 and up to €600 or more
  • As for the UK, you'll have to consider DEFRA taxes, a Health Certificate will cost around £110 or more. And you will need a new one each time you travel
  • The price varies widely as veterinary costs vary between countries and clinics. Additionally, depending on where you and your pet are travelling to, they may need additional vaccinations and treatments incurring further cost
  • Because of BREXIT if anyone travels with a pet will need both an EU & UK pet passport, more paperwork, more cost and more time
  • It can take up to 10 days or in some cases months to process information and issue the approved documents
  • Pet may be put into quarantine for up to 4 months or refused entry if you travelled by sea

So can the UK make a change? 

We recognise that we have to make sure the UK needs to be disease-free, if anything, we need to modernise our ways to help people with pets. For example, replacing them with a single 'transition form' to be filled out by entrants and can be applicable to UK and EU countries or one step further all countries around the world.

Because of UK’s current law and legacy policies, pet lovers such Gavin Guest, who is British and holds a full UK Passport (previously trapped in Ukraine) and his canine companion Eli, and many other UK Citizens/Nationals alike were unable to leave Ukraine early. Gavin was initially told in early February 2022 by our UK Gov that they had to wait until April 2022 with their application to be completed despite applying weeks ago.

As we now know - Putin had other plans! Gavin and Eli were left in a dangerous situation just like many Ukrainians and expat evacuees, and having to make their harrowing journey from Kyiv, Ukraine to Romania through the war-zone together.

How can you help?

We need your voices to make a difference. If you have a minute to spare, please support our petition for UK to make a change to help people with pets fleeing Ukraine by lessening UK pet waiver restrictions, cost and paperwork.

Every evacuee have lost their homes - we can help lessen their stress, help their pets and other rescue/shelter animals stay safe. We believe that every life matters, pets included, let's unite to help keep families together women, children, pets and men. Together we can make a difference.

*** The Real Story of Gavin and Eli. A british expat living in Ukraine harrowing experience trying to flee Ukraine due to pet/animal border restrictions ***

Gav's & Eli's background: Jay Brooks "Help my cousin Gav"

Updated March 07, 2022 Gav & Eli are safe and have fled Ukraine since this post. Help Gav & Eli (Brits) come home to / other nationals fleeing Ukraine to take refuge in the UK with their pets without having the stress of battling with animal control restrictions. Luckily for Gavin and Eli, they were the fortunate ones to make it to Romania, but it came at a cost. It does make you wonder, how many more people are out there needing help? How many more pets who once had a home are being abandoned? How many of them are trapped, killed or dying of hunger? 

You can read the following news articles featuring Gav & Eli ordeal and help spread the word as captured by BBC News, CNN, US Times, Times, GMTV...

More evidence of heartbreaking news reports showing people with pets fleeing Ukrainian. 

*** 100,000+ Signatures are needed to make a change ***

How can you help in addition to signing the petition?

  1. Share this Petition on social media, and ask your friends, co-workers, and family to sign the petition and consider sharing it as well.
  2. Share this Petition with the press, if you have contacts with the media please share this with them and help campaign.
  3. Contact your local Government and for the British, please contact your MPs https://members.parliament.uk/members/commons and politely inform them that you are asking your MP as a representative to support this petition. Share with them this petition link, give them your residential postcode or Zipcode. 
  4. Request a response and follow up or/and a meeting to discuss the petition with your local MP.
  5. Follow the progress of this petition on Change.Org and find ways that you can have a positive impact on the lives of animals.

Thank you for your support in advance change-makers. Please help everyone who is trying to flee the war zone with their pets and campaign for UK to change and lessen restrictions for all those leaving Ukraine.


This petition made change with 54,305 supporters!

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