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Urge Your Senators to Oppose Judge Southwick's Confirmation

President Bush has nominated Leslie Southwick to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, despite his troubling record on the rights of African Americans, gay men and lesbians, and workers.

While serving as a judge on the Mississippi Court of Appeals in 1998, Southwick joined a ruling that upheld the reinstatement without any disciplinary action of a white state employee who was fired for using a racial slur against an African American co-worker. The Mississippi Supreme Court unanimously reversed the decision.

In 2001, Southwick joined a ruling that upheld a chancellor’s decision to take an eight-year-old girl away from her mother and award custody to the father, who had never married the mother, largely because the mother was living with another woman in a “lesbian home.”

Urge your Senators to speak out against the Southwick nomination and oppose his confirmation!

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