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Urge Your Representatives to Oppose HR 875, HR 814, SR 425 and HB 759, the "Food Safety Bills"

Your urgent action is needed! There are several bills in Congress poised to virtually strip away every freedom you have when it comes to food choices! They are under the guise of "food safety", but what they will do is essentially kick the door down for big food corporations, like Monsato, to destroy small farms, organic farms, and even make it a crime to grow a vegetable garden in your own backyard! Of course, those words are not used in these bills, but the bills are eerily vague, I think intentionally so. These bills are so large, it is a bit confusing and disorienting to understand just what they may do if passed into law. Please check out the following sites for more information and analysis of these bills, then come back and sign the petition to send to your representatives, and to President Obama. Then, send this to everyone you know who would be affected by these bills - which of course is EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN! We must not be silent on this one! We must let them know that we are many, that we don't want the government in our backyard gardens, we don't want them to decide what is safe and unsafe for us, and that we will vote them out of office if they support these awful bills! And please, re-word the letter! I am not very good at letters. If you feel you can explain better what I am trying to say, PLEASE DO SO! And send me an email with your version. I just might use it as the standard letter.



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Letter to
Representative Rosa DeLauro
I am writing you today to ask you to take a stand against the following bills: H.R. 875, H.R. 814, S.R. 425 and H.B. 759. Please take the time to read through these bills for yourself. Please do not rely on what others tell you about them. I am very concerned that these bills will effectively eliminate my freedom to chose where I get my food. These bills have been dubbed the "Food Safety Bills" but I do not believe it is necessary or even prudent for the federal government to decide what is "safe" and "unsafe" for me and my family. We do not need "Food Police". These bills will essentially kick the door down for big food corporations, like Monsanto, to destroy small farms, organic farms, and even make it a crime to grow a vegetable garden in my own backyard! The best way to ensure food safety is to give freedom to the small, local, organic farmers to continue to operate within minimal, reasonable regulations and guidelines. Those of us who choose to buy our food locally from farmers who we know personally can shake their hand, look them in the eye, and inspect their facilities ourselves. Do not take this freedom from us by voting for these bills. It is the right of every single American to have the choice of what we eat and where we get the food we eat. Please know that how you vote on these bills will be a very large factor in considering your re-election. Thank you for your time, consideration, and prompt action.


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