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Urge the Springfield City Council to Organize a Curbside Recycling Programs Task Force

A growing number of Springfield residents are asking the City of Springfield to prioritize a comprehensive residential and business recycling program in Springfield. Numerous cities throughout the country have been able to implement curbside recycling programs that are free to its citizens and pay for themselves.

While gains have been made by the City providing recycling centers, it shouldn't be this difficult to recycle. Curbside recycling should be made available to all, for free.

The amount of waste that the Queen City is producing and shipping to our landfills is astronomical. We need to set a better example for our children because they are inheriting a world where natural resources are on the decline and conservation needs to be taught and respected. The world is changing, and we need to change with it.

For trash stats, please see:

Letter to
City of Springfield Missouri
Mayor Tom Carlson
The City of Springfield has done a wonderful job of revitalizing the Center City. The redevelopment of old properties adds character to our city and helps prevent further suburban sprawl. Many people enjoy the new urbanism occurring in our fine city.  Now is the time to begin considering and drafting a plan of action to have the Center City businesses set an example of sustainable living.

A conservative estimate would be that between Downtown Springfield and Commercial Street, over 5,000 bottles and aluminum cans are thrown away each week – that’s over a quarter of million thrown into our landfill each year. This is incredibly wasteful.

A recycling program would send a wonderful message to our young people. If every bar and restaurant downtown on Commercial Street recycled, it would dramatically change the consciousness of Center City community and protect our environment for generations to come. 

Furthermore, there seems to be a growing demand for a comprehensive city-wide curbside recycling program. See a recent Springfield News-Leader article called “We’re Trashy – so let’s recycle”:

While I don’t have the answers of how to implement this program, I am writing to urge the Mayor, City Council, and the City of Springfield to put together a “Curbside Recycling Programs Task Force.” Many other cities across the nation have implemented both curbside residential and businesses recycling programs that are free to its citizens and there are numerous ways to approach organizing this program. We could meet with local trash and recycling companies to discuss and it’s quite possible that the program could pay for itself.

There is a growing desire among voters in Greene County and Center City dwellers to implement this recycling program. At the very least, this task force needs to be put together to begin the discussion between local government, Center City business owners and residents, and taxpayers to discuss how to turn the Queen City green. 

Center City Recycling Program Examples: 
1) Raleigh, NC: 
2) Cincinnati, OH: 
3) Farifax, CA: 
4) Indianapolis, IN: 
5) Boise, ID:

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