Urge the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors to stop Safe Stay Community in Florin, CA.

Urge the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors to stop Safe Stay Community in Florin, CA.

May 13, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Anthony Asay

The town of Florin is located about 10 miles from downtown Sacramento in the unincorporated portion of Sacramento County and was officially established as a town in 1875. The thousands of acres that comprise the Florin area used to be farms and ranches. Many of the families who have called Florin home for generations still live in Florin, although most businesses have now closed. 

Old Town Florin has a mix of architectural styles and motifs, attributable to a broad period of time (1870 to 1947). Community members and historic preservation consultants have indicated that these structures represent the quality and type of design that is desired in future rehabilitation and new construction projects in the Old Town Florin area. 

In recent years, local residents and business owners have expressed concern about the increased levels of traffic and congestion, and their collective impact on public safety and quality of life. Large underutilized and vacant land in the area, coupled with growing development pressure to the east, continue to feed the fears of community members that the charm and history of Old Florin Town will be lost forever. Most recently, Old Town Florin has become inundated with homeless people. Many businesses have been broken into or vandalized by the homeless including the Florin Historical Society Museum. 

Sacramento County is planning to build a 100-unit tiny home community for homeless people in one of its largest efforts yet to increase shelter capacity for un-housed residents. Located on the site of a former grocery store at 8144 Florin Rd, east of 99. It will include both single and double-occupancy units, and communal gathering spaces. It's expected to open later this year, possibly in the fall. The community will have on-site staff around the clock and provide case management and other services, including visits from behavioral health or other clinical providers. The property will be fully-fenced and access will be limited to registered guests and staff. Showers will be located within a trailer and the site will include portable restrooms. The homeless tenants will be allowed to have pets.

We need everyone’s support as the Florin community is in danger of an increase in vandalism, crime, drug presence, nuisance, traffic issues, and panhandling. It will cause our local businesses to close earlier and quite possibly to close permanently due to this situation. Our property values will decline, and the presence of the homeless community could stunt positive growth in our town. Community members and businesses were unaware of this project and were not consulted before the plans were submitted.

For history to be appreciated, respected, and preserved for future generations, it takes the cooperation, dedication, and strength of its community. 


Let’s voice our concerns and stop this project by contacting our County Supervisors.

Supervisor Don Nottoli - Nottolid@saccounty.net - Ph 916-874-5465 

Supervisor Patrick Kennedy - SupervisorKennedy@saccounty.net Ph 916-874-5481

Supervisor Phil Serna - SupervisorSerna@saccounty.net - Ph 916-874-5485

Supervisor Rich Desmond - Richdesmond@saccounty.net - Ph 916-874-5471

Supervisor Sue Frost- SupervisorFrost@saccounty.net - Ph 916-874-5491

Also email: BoardClerk@saccounty.net


Upcoming Meetings

Old Florin Town Community Meeting

Agenda: Supervisor Phil Serna and the Sacramento County Office of Homeless Initiatives invite you to a public meeting regarding the proposed Safe Stay Community located at 8144 Florin Road.

Date: Thursday, June 2nd at 5:30 PM

Location: Summer Palace Event Center, 7900 Florin Road, Suite 9, Sacramento, CA 95828

Supervisor's Board Meeting

Agenda: The supervisors will be voting yes or no on this project

Date: Wednesday, June 8th at 9:30 AM

Location: 700 H Street, Room 1450


Questions? Call 916-692-4069

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Signatures: 207Next Goal: 500
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