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Urge the Oklahoma City Thunder to make an It Gets Better video

Every day LGBT youth are bullied and harrassed to the point that they feel life is not worth living and commit suicide. Recently, the San Francisco Giants recorded an It Gets Better video in response to a petition on that garnered over six thousand signers. I am now calling on the Oklahoma City Thunder to be the first NBA team to make a video. It is the right thing to do and it is our job to let the Thunder know!

Letter to
Oklahoma City Thunder
Every day LGBT youth are bullied to the point of suicide. There is something you can do about it. As an NBA team, your voices have much more reach than you might think. If you record an It Gets Better video, you will save lives. It's really easy to make one and you can see examples on or youtube.
I cannot begin to express how much of an impact you will make on a teen who is struggling if they see a video made by the Oklahoma City Thunder. Not only will it make a difference, you have a duty to stand up when injustices are being committed. As of yet, no NBA team has made a video for the project, and it is my hope that you will be the first.
So please, Thunder, make a difference with your voice and save some lives. THUNDER UP!

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