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Let’s Give it a Final Push Before We Submit the Petition!

Thank you very much for signing the petition! We are planning on taking the petition to the relevant parties on December 16h. But we still have a few more days. So let’s give it a final push. Please spread this petition via your SNS and emails. In addition to five signatory countries from G7 and EU endorsing the charter, Jamaica, Kenya, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and Norway signed on to the charter in September. Then, Mexico, the Netherlands, Senegal, Republic of Nauru, Republic of Palau, Republic of Cape Verde followed. 20 businesses and organizations also joined the move.  Pieces of plastic can now be found on the sea bottom. They have become tiny micro plastic and are now described as underwater smog. Considering that it takes years for them to degrade into micro pieces, industrialized countries like Japan must first recognize its responsibility for contaminating the ocean with plastic, before considering the responsibility of rising economies that are recent target of the blame. Japan is the greatest producer of waste from single use plastic containers and wrappers after the U.S! The Japanese government claims the necessity to involve rising economies in fighting the ocean plastic pollution at the latest G20. However, Japan should first sign the Ocean Plastic Charter in recognition of its own responsibility for polluting the oceans with plastic waste as a responsible member of global society. We urge on the Japanese government to sign the Ocean Plastic Charter without further delay!

JEAN (Japan Environment Action Network)
3 years ago