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Petitioning U.S. Forest Service and 11 others

Urge the Forest Service to Adopt Recycling

When you're in the forest (as natural as it can get) why aren't we able to recycle - Recycling helps preserve our forest and reduce waste. Demand that the forest service show they care about our forests, by adopting policies to protect it.

Photo Credit: Natura Outdoor Education Trust

Letter to
U.S. Forest Service
Regional Forester Mary Wagner
Deputy Regional Forester Ken Arney
and 9 others
Station Director Bov B. Eav
Intermountain Region
Acting Director Suzanne Flory
Honorable Chief Tom Tidwell
Associate Chief Hank Kashdan
Chief of Staff Tim DeCoster
Executive Assistant to the Chief Karla Hawley
Director Sherry Reckler
Ray Massey
As a concerned citizen and a frequent guest, I am requesting that the U.S. Forest Service opens an opportunity to where the public can recycle and compost.

Recycling and composting are key to a health environment (as well as a health forest) and it's important that we protect our environment - especially, when we are in nature.

I look forward to your response on this important matter.

Thank you for your time,