Petition to Urge the European Parliament to give Kosovo Visa Liberalization in 2019

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The year 2000 marks the Year Kosovo ( a small country in the European continent with 95% Ethnic Albanians) was liberated by the US and NATO from the cruel regime of the serbs which was about to do process of ethnic cleaning of Albanians in the whole country of Kosovo, that's why are incredibly thankful to all of those who helped our Country to be liberated.

The year 2000 also marks the year when Kosovo was totally isolated to the rest of Europe. The citizens of Kosovo are the ONLY people in the European continent that are not allowed to move freely in European Union.
18 Years of total isolation.
18 Years of promises made and never kept,
18 years of being cut of the rest of the world.
In early 2018 Kosovo archived and completed all the requirements the EU wanted before they would allow us to move freely in the Union and now nearly a year after we completed the requirements, the EU is quiet and doesn't mention visa liberalization anymore.

We never got justice from the thousands of young men killed in the Kosovo war by the serbs.
The EU never perused or pressured Serbia to give all the bodies of the men it killed in Kosovo war back to their families.
Mothers still haven't buried their husbands and sons,
Children still haven't kissed goodbye and buried their fathers.
How can it be EU? How!?
Maybe EU is either paid by serbia and his alleys or it is just a coincidence that, among other, Serbia has visa liberalization for years and now is moving forward to be member in the EU and Kosovo can't even go visa free anywhere outside the Balkans.
18 yeas later after all of those promises made by the EU, We should at least be able to move freely into Europe.

The EU needs to step up and give our Country the ability to move freely in all of the European Union and stop this injustice that left Kosovo the only country in the European continent to be Isolated.

To all the Albanians all over the world and all of the friends of Kosovo and for most, to all of the people of Europe and the World who Love JUSTICE... sign this petitions let the European Union know that we will not tolerate injustice anymore. We want the basic freedom which every human in this world, no matter where he lives, deserves... Freedom of movement.

Personal story
I am Jetmir from Kosovo and I want FREEDOM.

twitter: @mvp_jetmir