Urge Shoalhaven Council to Reinstate the Sustainable Futures Committee and NRFPM Committee

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We strongly urge the Shoalhaven City Council to Commit to Protecting our Natural Environment, and Reinstate the Sustainable Futures Committee and the Natural Resource and Flood Plain Management Committee.


Our Community Strategic Plan requires Shoalhaven City Council to protect our natural environment. On Tuesday September 25th, 2018, Shoalhaven Council disbanded 2 valuable committees – the Sustainable Futures Committee and the Natural Resources and Floodplain Management Committee - and sacked their volunteer community members without reason or any consultation.

These committees worked to co-ordinate sustainability initiatives within council and across the broad community. Community members shared a broad range of expertise and knowledge to Council. Their work is valuable, yet has been rejected for unknown reasons. 

Disbanding 2 committees will not make the issues of climate change or sea level rise go away. It will just reduce Shoalhaven Council’s capacity to plan and adapt.

This Council is now failing in its duty of care to protect the well being of the Shoalhaven Community. 

Neglecting a coordinated and strategic process in addressing the well known, established threats of a warming climate that puts our young, elderly and vulnerable at risk.

We must Act now to reverse this decision. The committees must be reinstated at an Extraordinary Meeting on October 16th 2018.

Concerned people of the Shoalhaven demand this decision is reversed so that:

*  low-cost renewable energy projects continue - for council and community

*  Preservation and protection of our natural environment is prioritized

*  Initiatives for adaptations to a changing climate continue

* Promotion of a Sustainable, livable and resilient Shoalhaven continues

* Shoalhaven Council committees reflect real community priorities

Axing these committees shows that Council is not serious about community engagement.

Worse, it shows Council is not serious about a sustainable future for ourselves, our children or grandchildren.