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Urge Senate to Pass Captive Primate Safety Act!

The Captive Primate Safety Act would bar interstate commerce of nonhuman primates for the pet trade, including monkeys, apes, marmosets and lemurs. This vital legislation would protect the public and captive primates from the dangers that result when these exotic animals are sold as pets.

On February 24 the bill passed the House of Representatives and was introduced in the Senate, where it stalled last year. Please take a moment to contact your U.S. senators and ask them to support and cosponsor this important humane bill.

In addition to the dangers nonhuman primates pose to the public, they often do not receive proper care when they are kept as pets. Captive primates require specific diets, companionship of other nonhuman primates, and large enclosures that allow for climbing and swinging. Unfortunately, most pet owners do not meet these needs - and as a result, captive primates often live in inadequate conditions.

S.462 sends an important message to the public that primates should not be sold as pets. Please take action now by emailing the letter below to your U.S. senators.

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