Urge @RepMcGovern to allow votes against war in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, & Venezuela

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The House Rules Committee is meeting Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon to consider which amendments proposed to the Defense and State Department appropriations will be considered for a floor vote. This is a once-a-year opportunity for House members to get floor votes on ending and preventing wars. Massachusetts Democrat Jim McGovern is now chair of the Rules Committee. This is the first year since 2010 that House Democrats have been in charge of this process. When Democrats were in the minority, Jim McGovern’s efforts to force votes on ending the war in Afghanistan were blocked by the Rules Committee. Now that he is chair of the committee, Jim McGovern can ensure that amendments to end and prevent wars can receive floor votes.
In particular, amendments have been submitted that would hasten the end of the Saudi-UAE war in Yemen and the war in Afghanistan and would help prevent war in Iran and Venezuela by asserting Congressional war powers.
A Ro Khanna-Justin Amash amendment would block the transfer of weapons to Saudi-UAE for use in Yemen. A Tulsi Gabbard amendment would block Raytheon from transferring production of Raytheon missiles to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen. A Gerry Connolly amendment would block State Department military training for Saudi Arabia.
A David Cicilline amendment would prohibit the use of military force in Venezuela in violation of the War Powers Resolution. A Jim Himes resolution would prohibit the use of military force in Iran in violation of the War Powers Resolution. Two Warren Davidson amendments would cut the funding for the war in Afghanistan.
Amendments from Jodey Arrington and Glenn Grothman would cut the Pentagon budget overall. A Ro Khanna amendment would cut the post-2001 “war budget.” Two Pramila Jayapal amendments would block funding for new weapons systems. Many amendments would redirect funding from weapons and war to veterans’ care and medical research.
A list of all these amendments is here.
Urge Jim McGovern to allow all proposed amendments to end and prevent wars and to cut the Pentagon budget to receive floor votes by signing our petition.