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Urge President Obama to Pardon ALL Turkeys This Holiday Season

Abusing and killing an innocent bird betrays the life-affirming spirit of giving thanks for our life, health, and happiness. Each year, the President symbolically "pardons" one or two turkeys while condemning millions of others to a cruel fate they did nothing to deserve.

The nearly 300 million turkeys killed each year in the U.S. spend their entire lives crammed in large sheds with little room to move. Artificially inseminated and bred to gain enormous amounts of weight, they suffer heart attacks, broken limbs, lameness, and death from their genetically-induced accelerated growth rate.

After 16 weeks of misery, they are hung on a conveyer belt, their throats are cut, and they are dumped -- sometimes still fully conscious -- into scalding water to strip their feathers. All birds whether "free-range" or conventionally raised - are excluded from coverage under the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. All animals raised for food are excluded from the Animal Welfare Act.

Please urge the President, who recently won a Nobel Peace Prize for his belief in the nonviolence, to pardon all the turkeys bound for the dinner plates at the White House this year.

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