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Urge President Obama to Keep His Promise to Exit Afghanistan Next Year


As President Obama and General Petraeus have said many times, there is no military solution in Afghanistan.

We object to the US's new proposal for Afghanistan being presented this week to NATO ministers. It is not a peace plan. It is a plan for four more years of combat by US and NATO forces.

The war in Afghanistan leaches over $100 billion dollars a year from American taxpayers at a time of unprecedented economic crisis and it must end.

Please help us urge President Obama to keep his promise and stick to the plan to withdrawal responsibly, in 2011.

Sign and share the petition below to let President Obama know that you oppose the continuation of what has become one of the longest wars in US history.

Letter to
President of the United States
Please keep your promise to withdrawal American troops from Afghanistan responsibly, next year.

It is extremely unwise to commit to four more years of making war. To create real stability in Afghanistan, commit to building four years of peace instead.

We're counting on you to keep your promises. Please don't let us down.