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Urge President Obama to Impose Sanctions for Whaling!


Iceland has been ignoring the international ban on commercial whaling for years by killing whales and then selling whale meat and other whale products (oil and bone meal) internationally -- including killing endangered fin whales. And it’s clear that they aren’t going to stop until the rest of the world shows some leadership and makes them.

That’s precisely what the President can do right now by following the recommendations of his Commerce Secretary and imposing strong economic sanctions on Iceland if they continue their illegal fin whale hunt.

Take action now and urge President Obama to impose tough trade sanctions on Icelandic companies tied to whaling!

Letter to
President of the United States
I just signed the following petition addressed to: President Obama.

I urge you to impose trade or other economic sanctions on Iceland and more specifically on Hvalur hf -- Kristjan Loftsson's company -- as his hunting of Fin whales is diminishing the effectiveness of the IWC.

Diplomatic efforts to negotiate with Iceland have had no effect. It is time for the U.S. to take stronger steps to put an end to Iceland's expanding commercial whaling program.

Iceland has already killed even more whales this year than it did last year, ignoring scientific advice from the International Whaling Commission for endangered fin whales. It is more important than ever to make a decision now.

Taking these actions against Iceland will provide the U.S. with the opportunity to demonstrate the kind of leadership on whale protection that the public demands.



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