Petition Update

Dear All, thank you so much for your support for this important movement!

Committee for the Return of the Sacred Black Hills to the Lakota Sioux Native Americans

Mar 11, 2012 — Although the progress is slow, we will reach our goal of 500,000 signatures that will help us to go to Washington, D.C. One of our supporters, a Lakota Sioux, has informed us that this is the proper time for this petition to have the Sacred Black Hills returned to the Sioux Nation. Tribal leaders are studying land rights and land sovereignty. Native Americans are experiencing a new rebirth. Slowly but surely the past is being dealt with and not only the Native Americans, but also this country will slowly heal. The leaders in Washington, D.C need to understand that in the year 2012 they cannot hold on to lands that they have held on to illegally since 1874. So we continue our battle. Please contnue to share this petition and send it out to all your friends, families, and acquaintenances. HELP US GET TO WASHINGTON! COMMITTEE FOR THE RETURN OF THE BLACK HILLS TO THE SIOUX NATION. J. MAYFIELD, M. MOWEKE, L. RAO NICOLA, M. MERGA, J. PRANEVICIOUS, L. ORBIDAN, C. & F.. FAFFINI, A. MANCINI