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In the next two months, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reduce excessive military spending—and we must not waste this moment.

Congress is again debating how to reduce the federal deficit. Some say we should slash programs like food stamps and child tax credits, or cut benefits for Medicare and Medicaid that will place more burdens on to those already struggling in our society.

But while many such “people” programs have already been squeezed, the Pentagon budget doubled from 1998 to 2010—and now makes up more than half the federal discretionary budget. Meanwhile, tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals and corporations have reduced the funds our nation has available to spend.

Our leaders in Washington know full well we’re not broke – but we will become increasingly broken if we don't change our budget priorities.

President Obama and Congressional leaders need to hear from us NOW—before special interests persuade them to protect the Pentagon instead of ensuring good jobs and schools, affordable health care, a clean environment, and a sound safety net. Please sign the petition today.

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Invest in People, Not the Pentagon

As you work to reduce the federal deficit, any common sense solution MUST include substantial cuts to the Pentagon. The Pentagon budget holds so much waste and pork that it can’t even be audited – and yet that budget has been doubled since 1998.

The Pentagon makes up more than half of all federal discretionary spending – so it’s common sense that the Pentagon must make up more than half of any government spending cuts enacted. The cuts proscribed in the “Sequester” would only reduce the Pentagon budget to 2007 levels.

After a decade of massive spending increases and off-budget wars that contributed heavily to current levels of federal debt, it’s time for the Pentagon budget to return to pre-war levels.

Analysts from across the political spectrum have offered concrete options for cutting $1 trillion or more from the Pentagon over the next decade without harming U.S. security.

Every dollar we spend on unnecessary weapons designed to fight the wars of 30 years ago is a dollar that could be spent to educate our children, train our future workforce or rebuild a crumbling bridge. As you look to shape our nation’s budget, I urge you to do the right thing—invest in people, not the Pentagon.

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