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Urge McDonald’s to Stop Torturing Hens for Egg McMuffins


A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation has exposed shocking cruelty to animals at a McDonald’s egg supplier.

During the investigation, MFA documented workers burning off the beaks of baby birds without any painkillers, and grabbing hens by their throats and roughly shoving them into battery cages, chicks trapped and mangled in cage wire suffering from open wounds and torn beaks, and dead hens left to rot and decompose in cages with birds still laying eggs for McDonald’s Egg McMuffins.

Although all of these are examples of intolerable cruelty, perhaps the worst form of abuse these birds are forced to endure is a life of prolonged misery in a tiny wire battery cage. Battery cages are so small that each bird has less space than a single sheet of notebook paper to live out nearly her entire life. She is unable to freely spread her wings, perch or roost, breathe fresh air or see the sun. Every natural instinct is frustrated, as these birds have been reduced to mere egg-producing machines.

As a civilized society, it is our moral obligation to prevent needless cruelty to animals. As the largest egg purchaser in the United States, McDonald’s has not only the responsibility, but also the enormous purchasing power to ensure that the products sold in its restaurants are not the products of egregious animal abuse.  Please use the form below to send a polite email to CEO Jim Skinner urging McDonald’s to commit to ending its supplier relationships with battery cage egg operations and to create a clear roadmap for speedily achieving 100% cage-free status in the United States – something the company has already done in Europe.

Letter to
Executive VP & CFO Peter Bensen
CEO Jim Skinner
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President & COO Don Thompson
President, McDonald's USA Jan Fields (President, McDonald's USA)
I was shocked and horrified by the animal abuse recently documented on hidden camera by Mercy For Animals at one of your egg suppliers – Sparboe Egg Farms. I am disgusted to see how 5-10 egg-laying hens are crammed into tiny wire battery cages barely larger than a filing cabinet drawer to spend nearly their entire lives. In such confinement, these poor animals are unable to freely spread their wings, perch or roost, breathe fresh air or see the sun.

Barren battery cages are so cruel that the entire European Union and the states of California and Michigan have banned their use. California has further enacted a statewide ban on the sale of whole eggs from hens confined in them. Additionally, the majority of the American public opposes the use of battery cages, and major food retailers, including Hellmann’s, Whole Foods and Wolfgang Puck, have answered their call and committed to cage-free egg purchasing policies.

It's time for McDonald’s to become a true leader on animal welfare issues by adopting new, stricter policies to prevent this unnecessary animal abuse. Please make the compassionate and socially responsible choice to commit to achieving a 100% cage-free purchasing policy in the United States – as your company has already done in Europe.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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