Urge Krekorian to vote YES: Weddington Golf & Tennis is an Historical Monument.

Urge Krekorian to vote YES: Weddington Golf & Tennis is an Historical Monument.

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Please, sign this petition and help save Weddington from complete destruction.

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We ask that Council-member Paul Krekorian back our nomination that Weddington Golf & Tennis be listed on the National Register and as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.

In 2012, Weddington Golf & Tennis Club was listed as an historical resource on Historic Places LA and Survey LA and is eligible for the California Register as an Historic Monument.  We propose to elevate this historical resource to an official designation as Historic preserved land.

We propose this because in 2017, Harvard Westlake purchased the Weddington Golf & Tennis Club parcel and imagines that they will be allowed to level the entire 16 acres of open land, cutting down many of the 400 trees growing there for over 60 years, and replacing this open space with a massive track and field area, including a synthetic turf football field, outdoor Olympic pool, an additional full-sized synthetic sports field over a subterranean garage, new outdoor tennis courts (eliminating half the current courts on site), and a large multilevel indoor sports complex with gym and three basketball courts.

As the Harvard Westlake concept stands, none of the The Weddington Golf & Tennis Club would remain.

If the changes HW imagines are approved, this historic land will be destroyed expressly for 600 children of an elitist school with plenty of sport facility on their current campus.

What will happen? At least 2,000 students from diverse demographics will be denied a home-base for tennis and golf practice and competition. What else will happen? At least another 1,000 adult tennis  league players (at least 10 teams from the Westside to Porter Ranch; Burbank to Calabasas) will be displaced. Our local businesses will lose; our restaurants will lose; our neighborhood will lose its peace and tranquility and history. This does not begin to count the thousands of people who hit golf balls, play 9-hole golf and Frisbee golf on site.

For years, the neighborhood has successfully fought multiple proposed condo projects on the property. But Harvard Westlake’s plans circumvent the zoning changes necessary for residential developments, and as it stands, they may have far greater latitude to build on this Agricultural zoned land. Nonetheless, they must apply for a permit to reconfigure the Weddington land.

“The City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Ordinance, enacted in 1962, has made possible the designation of buildings and sites as individual local landmarks, called “Historic-Cultural Monuments” in Los Angeles. The City currently has over 1,000 Historic-Cultural Monuments, providing official recognition and protection for Los Angeles’ most significant and cherished historic resources.” Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources: https://preservation.lacity.org/commission

This ordinance was designed specifically to prevent this level of damage to our local communities. The designs of Harvard Westlake will affect our property values and the loss of trees and open green space will take away shade in the immediate neighborhoods and add to the noise, traffic, and air pollution in our city and cause even more of a rise in temperatures at a time when our city is looking for ways to lower the same.

From an Architectural Resources Group report:

"Weddington Golf & Tennis Club is significant at the local level under California Register Criterion 1, as a privately-owned community recreation (golf) center built to serve the growing community of Studio City in the mid-1950s; and under Criterion 3, as a property that embodies the distinctive characteristics of a type as a typical example of a post-war community golf course." --Read full ARG report here: https://planning.lacity.org/eir/StudioCity_SeniorLiving/DEIR/Appendix%20E_Historical%20Resources%20Report.pdf

The sports complex proposed by Harvard Westlake will take a vibrant beating heart in Studio City and turn it into lead.

We ask Council-member Krekorian to realize that the people of Studio City want this land to be declared an Historic Monument. The Weddington Golf & Tennis Club is eligible for the California Register and is therefore a historic resource under California Environmental Quality Act, CEQA.

We appeal to Council-member Paul Krekorian to continue his support and back our petition to declare Weddington an Historic Landmark and save Weddington from complete devastation.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!