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Petitioning Governor Nathan Deal

Urge Georgia Governor to Veto Arizona-Style Anti-Immigrant Legislation

Arizona-style copycat legislation -- HB 87 and SB40 -- threatens the civil rights of Georgia residents. The legislation is expected to pass the Georgia legislature within a few weeks and only Governor Deal stands in the way of stopping Georgia from becoming another Arizona in the battlefront for immigrant rights.

Please urge Governor Deal to veto HB 87, SB 40 and any Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation.

Letter to
Governor Nathan Deal
I urge you to commit to veto HB 87, SB 40 and any Arizona-style anti-immigrant legislation. If such
legislation passes, Georgia’s image will be severely tarnished in the eyes of the country and the world.

We cannot afford this economically or morally.

Anti-immigrant laws like HB87 and SB40 will drive immigrant workers and their families out of the
state. They will work against your stated goal of improving Georgia’s economy. Immigrants — both
documented and undocumented--contribute over $25 billion into Georgia’s economy, by buying and
selling goods, paying taxes, and creating jobs.

HB 87 and SB40 both overreach in a way that threatens the civil rights of Georgia residents. During a
traffic stop, for example, it authorizes police to ask for papers proving that someone is legally in the U.S. Essentially, this will turn Georgia into a “show me your papers” state, where all residents—including citizens—will be required to carry papers at all times for fear of being detained.

There is no reason to think that this legislation will make communities safer. To the contrary, it will
divert public safety resources into immigration enforcement. We need to focus our limited resources on public safety instead of burdening police with federal immigration duties.

As public policy, these proposed laws are fundamentally flawed because they do not address the root causes that push people to immigrate without permission, including extreme poverty in their home countries and the limited legal avenues to apply for a visa in the U.S. People’s efforts to support their families should not be a crime and it shouldn’t be a crime for U.S. citizens to simply provide shelter or a ride because the undocumented person is a spouse, or a sibling. National immigration legislation is desperately needed, but the absence of this should not lead to Georgia implementing misguided policy.

I urge you to commit to veto HB 87, SB 40 and all Arizona-style copycat legislation.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

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