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The United States is the only nation that still uses chimpanzees in large-scale, invasive research. Many countries have banned research and testing on chimpanzees because of a growing awareness of the scientific problems with these experiments. But the movement to end research on chimpanzees is also based on our knowledge of their rich social and emotional lives-and the suffering caused by life in a laboratory.

Please urge your U.S. representative to co-sponsor the Great Ape Protection Act, which would phase out invasive research on chimpanzees and release federally owned chimpanzees to sanctuaries.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
As your constituent, I am asking you to co-sponsor the Towns-Reichert Great Ape Protection Act, H.R. 1326, which was recently reintroduced. This legislation phases out the use of chimpanzees in invasive research, retires federally owned chimpanzees to permanent sanctuary, and ends federal funding for the breeding of federally owned chimpanzees.

As a result of their use in experiments, chimpanzees can experience early separation from their mothers, social isolation, prolonged captivity, sensory deprivation, and repeated physical harm. Researchers have found that chimpanzees previously used in experimental research commonly display behaviors overlapping with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and other trauma-related disorders.

Please co-sponsor H.R. 1326 to help the more than 1,000 chimpanzees who are forced to live in laboratory research settings in the United States.

Thank you.

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